the best yoga for back pain

The Best Yoga For Back Pain

I’m sure most of us have had that occasional back pain. If you’re like me you may have/had severe chronic pain due to a ruptured or slipped disk in the spine. Maybe you had to have surgery, I did. My pain is minimal now, but when researching yoga, I noticed it may be a good option for people who don’t necessarily have chronic pain but maybe the occasional pulled back. Here I will go over the best yoga for back pain.

What Is Yoga?

I know most have heard of yoga, but do you know the history? Yoga is an old practice from India. It is both physical and spiritual. Yoga uses not only stretching the body, but is also spiritual and puts one in a meditative state at times. Not only an exercise but helps to clear the mind as well.

Yoga goes back at least 5,000 years. Yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. There is a broad practices and yoga schools in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.

The original purpose of yoga was for spiritual development and to train the body and mind to be calm and mindful, . It is also an excellent exercise and it stretches the limbs helping you to be more flexible.

The Best Yoga For Back Pain

These poses may help relieve your back pain and strengthen it as well. Remember, if you have chronic or severe pain, always speak a medical professional before you proceed:

Downward Facing Dog Best yoga for back pain

This classic pose is great for stretching the whole body also targeting the muscles in the lower back.

Pigeon Pose

the best yoga for back pain

This pose is great for stretching out your hip flexor muscles.

Child Pose

the best yoga for back pain

This pose is the best pose for stretching out your whole back.

Cat and Cow Pose

the best yoga for back pain

This pose warms up and loosens the muscles in the back


A research study on yoga states that yoga may also reduce the need for pain medications. The three-month study included two groups, one assigned to physical therapy, another to yoga. A third group was told to just read about pain management strategies.

70% of all the groups were taking medication and in the end the reading group stayed the same, while the other two, only 50% of the other two groups were still taking medication. Like I stated above, if you have severe back pain you should not do yoga, but those with occasional soreness may benefit from yoga.

These poses can strengthen and stretch your spine. Yoga focuses on balance and steadiness encouraging your body to build up the back muscles for support. You will also build up pelvic and abdominal muscles and strengthen hip muscles. Increasing flexibility also increases blood flow to your muscles.

It’s no wonder the yoga industry is so hot right now, it has many benefits. Be sure to ask your doctor before trying any fitness regimen if you have back pain. Sometimes it can be more serious. Do you do yoga? Thanks for checking out my article on the best yoga for back pain. Please comment below with any questions or thoughts.

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