The Best Flat Iron For All Hair Types 2020

I started using hair straighteners almost 20 years ago now. It made my hair smooth and less frizzy and shiny too. The last straightener I bought seemed to take almost an hour to do my hair, and it is a little longer than shoulder-length. I didn’t spend much on it but it promised smooth frizz free hair.

I decided I needed to spend a little extra money because, well you get what you pay for. When deciding on what straightener to get, I found one that has less hair breakage and more color protection leaving your hair silky and smooth and stronger.

We know that heat damages the hair so always use a good heat protector such as It’s A 10 Miracle spray. Even though this straightener is a bit more expensive, I researched and reviewed before trying it. GHD ( good hair day) brand Platinum & Professional Performance is the best by far.

What To Look For In A Flat Iron

If you have normal hair, curly hair, or dry color treated hair it is important to find a flat iron that doesn’t cause damage. The damage comes from heat and if you aren’t using a heat protect ant spray and the right iron, your hair will become dry and brittle. The GHD straightener is the first iron of its kind. It’s a smart straightener that predicts your specific hair needs.

It constantly adapts to ensure optimum temperature for your hair type.Also, 70% less breakage and makes hair that is color treated last longer with 2x color protection. When looking for a flat iron you want a ceramic plate because it distributes the heat better than a metal plate due to negative ions this is what helps control frizz.

I remember my first flat iron, the plate was really wide which you would think would be a good thing, actually smaller plates are able to access those hard to reach spots. Try to look for 1 or 1 1/2 inch plates. As far as temperature, you want an iron that has temperature control, most people think the hotter the better, that is what I thought but I ended up damaging my hair because I did not use a heat protect ant spray.

The correct shampoo and conditioner matters too. If your shampoo suds up, that’s a no go. That means the shampoo contains sulfates which strip the moisture from your hair. Here is a great shampoo and conditioner I have been using and my hair isn’t frizzy anymore using them and this flat iron. Check it out on Amazon. In the winter, the air is dryer, which will dry our hair out even more. GHD flat iron is perfect for all hair types and I think it the best flat iron for all hair types in 2020.

Proper Use

The way you use your straightener makes a big difference in how get your hair to stay smooth and straight all day. Each flat iron may be different and have different settings. Always read the directions, I know there have been times when I bought a hair tool and didn’t read the directions. Thanks for reading!

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