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The Benefits Of Natural Soap For Skin And Anti Aging

the benefits of natural soap for skin and anti agingWe have all heard with many things that natural are better and the same applies to skin care. The soaps and body washes that are sold now are actually stripped of any benefits to your skin and may contain synthetic detergents that can be harmful in the long run. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and toxic chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. Read on for the benefits of natural soap for skin and anti aging.

Maintain PH Levels

The PH level of your skin ( and body ) is so important in maintaining the skins natural barrier. The PH level in natural soap is usually around 9 or 10 which makes it naturally alkaline making the soap not only a more effective cleanser but more gentle on the skin as well. When coconut oil is added it moisturizes and nourishes the skins natural PH level.

No Harsh Chemicals

Certain soaps such as antibacterial soap actually contains numerous dangerous chemicals such as petrochemicals, triclosan, parabens, and sodium laureth sulfate. Remember our skin absorbs everything we put on it and there was a study done showing triclosan may disrupt the reproductive system and human hormones. The truth is it doesn’t kill more germs than natural soap.

Contains Essential Oils

100% pure essential oils are great for the skin and packed with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that are great at cleaning the skin while adding valuable nutrients. They also smell amazing.

Silky Skin & Fewer Wrinkles

Natural soap helps keep the skin soft and it won’t get dry or itchy due to it being cold pressed keeping the nutrients intact. Also, the essential oils help to keep skin moisturized. The softer the skin the less chance for wrinkles to form and natural soap can help keep the skin plump as well by keeping moisture in.

The Best Natural Soap

I have tried many brands of natural soap and some either didn’t lather enough or smell that great. I had a chance to try many scents from a new company called Olive Hill Soapery and her soaps are amazing! Not only are they all natural and handmade with love, they lather so well and keep my skin clean and soft.

The scents are wonderful and my bathroom still smells like the first day I opened them. The colors are vibrant as well and they look pretty. She has many scents to choose from for an excellent price. I am so glad I got the chance to try her soaps out now my whole family uses it and we each have a favorite scent! Go check out Olive Hill Soapery on Facebook ( link here ) or contact Crystal at!

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  1. Its an Honor and Great pleasure to create beautiful skin loving Artisan soaps! Never think they are too pretty to use I love making More! Im really grateful for this article bringing awareness of why handmade is so much better than mass produced detergant soaps! Thank You!
    Crystal of Olivehill Soapery

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