benefits of acupuncture for anti aging

Benefits Of Acupuncture For Anti Aging

Have you ever tried acupuncture? Is your fear of needles stopping you from trying it? I don’t like needles either but I am here to tell you there is no reason to be fearful. Acupuncture has amazing health and wellness benefits and has been practiced for hundreds of years. In this post I would like […]

sugar and arthritis little known facts

Sugar And Arthritis – Little Known Facts

By now, we know how terrible sugar is for your health and the aging process. Too much sugar affects your skin, your weight, and overall health. This includes arthritis. Yes too much sugar in your diet can cause inflammation in our joints and can worsen arthritis you may already have. Thankfully, by changing our diets […]

Things you need to know about arthritis and thyroid disease

Things You Need To Know About Arthritis And Thyroid Disease

As we age, there are many issues we have to deal with as our body changes. Changes in our skin, hormonal changes, changes in our bones, muscles. We are starting to have issues younger and younger that we heard our grandparents complain about. After I had my daughter, at 31 years old, I started feeling […]