how to combat rosacea no more redness

How To Combat Rosacea – No More Redness

How To Combat Rosacea No More RednessDo you have rosacea? The redness and bumps just won’t go away no matter what you do to protect your skin. Rosacea is more common than you may think. Rosacea affects almost 16 million people in the U. S alone and it doesn’t discriminate. Men and women alike, young and old may have rosacea and may at first think its acne or pimples. A lot of people use acne treatment thinking its just acne and may go away. Rosacea is a bit different from acne. Let’s find out how to combat rosacea.

What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin disorder that mainly affects the skin on your face. It causes redness and/or sores on the chin, nose, forehead, and cheeks. If your face always looks like you’re blushing, this may be the beginning of rosacea. Its an inflammatory disease which means its caused by inflammation in the skin.

Over time, the redness can become intense and blood vessels of the face may become visible. Small bumps are common and some can be filled with puss. In some cases, rosacea can appear on the chest, neck or back, sometimes even the eyes causing a look of bloodshot eyes.

According to a study done in 2018, rosacea can be caused by triggers, which just means something is causing a flare up, such as spicy foods, stress, sunlight, heat, and alcohol, just to name a few. Since rosacea is inflammatory, its best to seek out an anti inflammatory remedy. Rosacea cant be cured, but avoiding triggers is definitely the first step you should take.

Rosacea Remedies

There are medicines you can get from your doctor that may relieve the symptoms. You can always try a more natural approach which I’ll get into in a bit. Let’s check out the medicines that can help to relieve your symptoms:

  • Antibiotics- minocycline, doxycycline, erythromycin, clarithromycin and clindamycin.
  • Topicals- metronidazole, azelaic acid and brimonidine.

Over The Counter – There are many options you can try at home first if your rosacea isn’t that bad yet. Skin care is super important. A gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil, is great for all skin types and issues. Sun block is equally important so look for a gentle moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. Here’s a list of some of the best moisturizers for rosacea:( Links lead to Amazon )

For immediate relief there’s an amazing over the counter serum that can reduce redness and relieve dry itchy skin. Skinception Rosacea Relief Serum can provide immediate and long term relief to the annoying symptoms of rosacea.Skinception Rosacea Relief Serum is specifically formulated to address the causes of rosacea and minimize, and prevent outbreaks. Some benefits of Skinception include:

  • Softer skin texture
  • Restored normal sensitivity
  • Fades redness
  • Soothe skin
  • Improved skin tone and firmness
  • Improved circulation ( fades spider veins )

Skinception Rosacea Relief Serum is a gentle, safe, and affordable alternative to moisturizing creams. Designed specifically for the hypersensitive skin of customers prone to rosacea outbreaks.

Home Remedies

If you want to try a natural approach, there are some home remedies you can try. Before going this route, you need to know that there are four sub-types of rosacea, for sub-types 1 and 2, you can try home remedies, sub-types 3 and 4 you may need medical attention.

Sub-types 1 and 2 include redness and swelling along with acne like breakouts. Sub-types 3 and 4 can include redness and fluid retention and will affect the area around your nose and eyes. Sub-types 3 and 4 often need oral or topical antibiotics to lighten symptoms so if you think you have this type see your doctor right away. Here are some home remedies for types 1 and 2:

  • Eat Clean – Clean up your diet and be sure to eat anti inflammatory foods, fruits and vegetables. Gut health is important to slow down inflammation in the body. A diet high in fiber and anti inflammatory foods will help tremendously for your whole body. Check out my article on 10 super foods for anti aging.
  • Aloe Water – Aloe Vera water is packed with antioxidants and helps to detox the body and sooth inflammation, which is a big part of rosacea. You can buy ready-made aloe water at the store or you can easily make your own. Use a fresh aloe plant, cut the stem into a few cubes and put into a blender. Add any amount of water and blend it together until fully mixed. You can even add some fresh lemon juice to add more flavor.
  • Aloe Vera Gel – You can use the gel from a fresh aloe stem as a soothing remedy for rosacea and even sunburn or any other skin rash, do not use on open skin though. You can store it in a small container in the fridge for a cooling gel.
  • Essential Oil – Using essential oils is a gentler way as far as skin products go. Many products contain irritants such as alcohol or benzoyl peroxide. Using evening primrose, seabuckthorn oil, tamanu oil, and rose-hip seed oil, as these ingredients are highly nutritious and anti-inflammatory.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal Mask – Grind up some organic oatmeal ( not instant ), into a fine powder. In a small bowl, mix 1 tbsp. Colloidal oatmeal with 1 tbsp live plain organic yogurt and 1/2 tbsp raw organic honey, mix well and put on a cleansed face for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water.
  • Green Tea Compress – Get some organic loose-leaf green tea, pour boiling water over the leaves allowing it to completely cool. Once cooled strain out the leaves put the liquid aside. Soak a clean cloth in the liquid and place over your skin for about 10 min. You can rinse if you want to but its not necessary.


Rosacea is an annoying and sometimes uncomfortable skin condition. Its important to distinguish the difference between rosacea and acne, a lot of people mistake it for acne, and the harsh ingredients in some acne solutions irritate the skin even more. If you are experiencing redness and bumps, and it is in the first stages, you can try some of the home remedies listed or the Skinception Rosaca Relief Serum. If your skin is worse and it may be in the sub-type 3 or 4 stages, you need to see your doctor or a dermatologist right away. I hope my guide on how to combat rosacea was helpful. As always if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.
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  1. Hey,

    What a great post. I get the rosacea redness and bumps on my head (I have no hair). Sometimes they can grow quite bug and they are sore to touch. I’ve tried lots of things but nothing seems to work.

    I think I’ll follow your advice from this post, and hopefully some of these bumps on my head will die down.

    I’ll let you know how I am getting on with it.

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    1. Hi thanks so much for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. Yes the bumps on your head may very well be rosacea. It can happen at any age on your face, head, neck, and chest. I would love to know how that works out so keep in touch! Hope it works out for you! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. This is really an informative post. I have a few friends that battle with the problem of rosacea. I’d like to share this post with them. I think it will really help them a lot! Thank you for sharing. – Eve

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