Everything You Need To Know About Anti Aging Hair Care For Men

anti aging hair care for menWhen it comes to anti aging and hair care, there are many products out there for women, but what about men? As with skin care, most men have no idea the different ingredients that are best for them. Women and men are very different and therefore require different types of products for their hair and skin. 

I have done some research and would like to share this with everyone out there everything you need to know about anti aging hair care for men. From hair color, to hair loss and supplements to help combat the signs of aging for mens hair I have put together this guide. Let’s dive in.

Is Mens Hair Different Than Womens?

As we age our hair changes. For both men and women, this can come with thinning, hair loss, and color changes along with texture. Hair isn’t really gender specific, all hair types are different. Some people have straight hair, curly, frizzy, so the types of products really just depend on your specific hair types.

 As we age our hair can dry out, and lose volume. Men and womens hair color is basically the same, men seem to keep shorter haircuts, which means they would color more often. Some men don’t want a total color change, maybe just a slight blended look to cover the grays. In all actuality, men and women can use the same products because those products usually go by hair type. 

If you and your significant other have the same type of hair, you can technically use the same products. The thing there are men that don’t usually want to smell the same as a woman, so they buy men specific products, usually all in one products which are easier, but that isn’t always the best choice.

Hair Color For Men

Now that we see that men and womens hair isn’t that much different, and that men can technically use a hair color for women, I wanted to look at some hair color products targeted specifically for men and which ones are best.Before buying hair color its important to know your natural hair color. 

This will be how to find your desired hair dye, unless you wanted a totally different color ( most men prefer color as close as natural as possible) I am sure most of us have heard of Just For Men, they have hair color, hair regrowth products, beard and mustache color so many options to choose from.

  • Just For Men – I’m sure many of you have heard of just for men. Here’s a link to all the dyes they have to offer.
  • Madison Reed Hair & Beard Dye – A new innovative ammonia free hair dye for men.
  • Color& Co By Loreal – A new service from Loreal that sends you custom blended color specific to the color you’re trying to achieve.This is a newer subscription box.
  • SoftSheen Carson Hair Color For Men – This formula is perfect for black men who have highly textured hair and are looking for full coverage.
  • Christopher Robin Temparaary Color Gel This is for men who are looking for a semi permanent color. This gel is also full of natural ingredients that promote hair growth and hair health. This is a subtle hair color that helps camouflage grays.

Hair Regrowth

A healthy scalp is the key to hair health and growth. I wrote an in depth article awhile back to help with male pattern baldness linked here but here are a few more options.

  • Rogaine Minoxidil Hair Thinning Treatment Foam- This works by slowing the hair loss and it may take up to four months to notice a difference.
  • Keeps – Keeps is a monthly hair regrowth kit that is specifically tailored to your specific needs for hair loss and thinning hair. Its FDA approved formulations are delivered right to your door. Here’s the link.
  • Regoxidine Mens 5% Minoxidil Foam – This works just like Rogaine its just priced differently.
  • Mens Hair Growth Vitamins – This has great reviews and helps to regrow hair and beard hair. Its formulated with biotin and saw palmetto. Linked here.
  • Propidren – This is a DHT blocker to help prevent further hair loss. It has great reviews. To learn more here’s the link.
  • Irestore Laser – This is an FDA approved hair loss treatment using lasers and Led.You place it on your head for about 25 minutes every other day. Users have reported seeing results in 3 to 6 months so its not a quick fix. This is a bit on the expensive side and it comes with a 6-month money back guarantee. The reviews are good so here’s the link if you want to check it out.

Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner you use is very important to hair and scalp health. Here is a list of the best anti aging hair care for men.

  • ColorProof Bio Repair Kit For Men & Women – The special formulation in this kit is the stem cell complex and 8 natural DHT blockers. The reviews are good and it comes with shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment and a scalp massager.
  • Pura Dor Apple Cider Vinegar System – This is a shampoo and conditioner formulated with apple cider vinegar, biotin, caffine, and keratin to help prevent hair loss and thicken hair. This is great for all hair types and men and women can use it.
  • Alterna Caviar Scalp Treatment – This sulfate free serum helps thicken and boost thinning hair. After shampoo and conditioning your hair, rub this serum all over your scalp and leave in then style as usual. You can use it daily or every other day.


I hope this post helps out you men out there. Thinning hair is an issue for both men and women and we all have specific needs. Have you tried any products you would like to share? Please leave comments or questions below!

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