Easy Meditation Instructions Transform Your Thoughts

Easy Meditation Instructions-Transform Your Thoughts

Have you ever meditated? Have you tried and just could not focus and gave up? I did but I knew it didn’t have to be difficult. I have been meditating daily for the last 6 months, and what an amazing experience it has been. I have gone from being just blah feeling to waking up positive for the most part.

It takes practice just like every new thing we try in life. Meditation is the practice of focusing your mind on a particular thought or object to achieve an emotionally calm and mentally clear state. Meditation goes back centuries within many cultures, many types all having ultimately the same goal. The word meditation is derived from the Latin meditato, meaning to think, devise and ponder.

It has been proven meditation reduces stress, depression, anxiety, and pain by increasing your peace and well-being. There are many techniques you can try as well, and I have found some easy meditation instructions I would like to share.

Main Types Of Meditation

In the west, meditative techniques have been broken into two main categories, concentrative meditation, and mindfulness meditation. The concentrative method or focused attention(FA) technique, involves focusing our attention on a certain object, breathing pattern, words, or image.

The other style, open monitoring(OM), involves a non-reactive monitoring of the experience, moment to moment. FA methods include focusing your attention on breath, an idea, or feeling or a mantra( repetition of a sound or prayer).OM methods include mindfulness, and other states of awareness.

Mindfulness is the ability to be in the present moment, and to be fully engaged in the here and now. Transcendental meditation is a form of FA meditation, and with practice. You can achieve a sense of calmness throughout the day, lower stress levels, lower blood pressure and better concentration. This also greatly improves brain function and memory.

How To Meditate

Go to a nice quiet place, that is clean and organized to your liking. I like to light some scented candles. You can do this anytime of the day, although I prefer to meditate at night, when it is dark and quiet. Turn off all distractions, such as the T. V and phone and make sure you do not get interrupted. You can be in silence or have some calming music in the background such as bin aural beats, which you can find online or on YouTube.

Get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.(I prefer to lie down on my bed).If you’re sitting you want to make sure your posture is straight and comfortable. Close your eyes, start by taking a few deep breaths, in through your nose out through the mouth. This will help to relax your body and mind. Focus on your regular breathing and any thoughts that come into your mind, let them fall away without thinking about them.

This takes practice, but like I said, you will get better as you learn. Just be in the moment, in the present. Try to visualize a place you love such as the ocean at a beach, or a forest. Smell the scents, hear the sounds of the trees or waves, feel the breeze, take yourself to a beautiful place. There is no right or wrong way to do this, don’t focus on if you’re doing it correctly. Don’t give up.

When I do meditate at night, it helps to calm me and I fall asleep very easily, if you feel like you are falling asleep too soon, try a different position or time of day. Emotions you may have suppressed may come up, and that is good, they need to. Whatever the feeling is, acknowledge it and let it drift away. Be done with it. Life is not about the past, it is about living each moment in the here and now, try not to judge yourself.

It is important to be consistent, when you find the right time and place to meditate, try to do this the same way daily. This will become a routine. After your first meditation, you will already start to feel the results. Every day I also like to incorporate what I call a gratitude exercise. I focus on everything and everyone that I have in my life that I am grateful for. Doing this every day for just a few minutes really helps me to stay in a positive mindset. I have a few affirmations I like to say such as “I am richly blessed”, ” I am truly loved”.

Another thing I am really starting to enjoy is listening to guided meditations on YouTube. These I fall asleep listening to. I have tried subliminal guided meditation, which is gentle music and sounds with positive messages incorporated into them, so you don’t hear them, but the messages enter your subconscious mind while you sleep or listen. That is another great form of meditation. You just have to find the best one that works for you. Take it slow, try not to get frustrated, you will soon reap the benefits.

Guided Meditation

As mentioned above I have some channels on YouTube, which are free and have many types meditations I listen to. I like these because you are guided by a calming voice into a meditative state. Here I will list some of my favorites:

    • Michael Sealey Channel
    • Joe T- Hypnotic Labs
    • Jason Stephenson
    • Unlock Your Life
    • John Moyer
    • New Horizon – Meditation And Sleep Stories

Final Thoughts

Meditation has been around thousands of years, it is a safe way to help a multitude of problems. I do not know how I went about my life without it. Anyone can do this, any age. The benefits are felt every day. This helps put things into perspective for me, if I am having a hard day, I take out a few minutes to breathe and be in the present moment. Then I get back to reality. Just take out 20 minutes per day to start with and then go longer if you choose. Do you meditate? Do you have any thoughts or techniques to share? I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave your comments below! Thank you for reading!

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14 thoughts on “Easy Meditation Instructions-Transform Your Thoughts

  1. What a great article on how to meditate, I used to have the hardest time meditating. I could not stop my mind from wondering. Someone gave me a tip that I should be acknowledging the thought (like a bubble floating over my head) then return to the meditation. It helped but did not completely fix it. So, I gave up.

    Now, I do mindful meditation several times a day. I LOVE it. I have become calmer. I can now control my anxiety and focus.

    Thank you for posting on such an excellent topic.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback I am glad you enjoyed the article. Same with me, the thoughts are what made me give up for awhile but I started again,using patience and now I love it too! It is a great way to combat everyday stress and add more positivity to our life! Thanks for the comment!!

  2. When do you think is the best time to meditate when you have 2 kids around almost non-stop lol? I would love to try meditation because lately, I feel like my head is going to explode. I feel the urge to clear up my mind.

    1. That is a great question! You sound like you may need a little break.At night before you go to sleep, take 20 minutes or so to try to clear your mind.It takes practice,but you would definitely feel the benefits.Or in the morning, you could get up a little bit before them and just make some time for yourself, it would be a great way to start the day,or great way to end it.Thank you for commenting and reading my post!I am sending you peaceful positive thoughts!:)

  3. Hi Karli,

    Great post! I have been meditating for around 20 years and would be lost without it. I gain so much clarity and vision through it.

    I use it to visualise also and it’s such a great portal to manifest all you want in your life. I have been through many difficult experiences in my life and without meditation not sure where I would be. Morning and night without fail. I really believe everyone should meditate. The world would be a better place.


    1. Thanks for your comment.You mentioned manifesting your reality so to speak and I should have included that in this post. I totally agree and that is exactly what I am doing also! I have been to hell and back, and I am so blessed to have found this truth. The world would be a better place,I try to tell everyone I know, because they see where I have been and how far I have come, and it is all due to gratitude and positive thoughts.Our thoughts are powerful.Your comment has really resonated with me! Sending you positive thoughts:)

  4. Great Content! I personally meditate as well. I use to meditate every day but times are abit busier now so I only get to do it about 3 times a week maybe 4 sadly. But you covered it well, talking about focusing your breath or even saying a mantra. Some people use it to manifest stuff into their lives such as a particular outcome or something they desire. Meditation helps us to connect back to source energy and help us to become more positive, loving and peaceful people. Job Well Done!

    1. That is awesome, in another comment, I posted that I should have covered the manifestation aspect of meditating. I use that on a daily basis and it has helped in my life so much.I am glad to hear it works for you, life is so stressful at times we need a break.My life has done a complete 180 since my awakening, I am happy to see other people who are experiencing the same! I appreciate your thoughts and I am sending positive energy to you:) Thanks..Karli

  5. Hey, this was such a great post. I LOVE meditation, mainly because I have seen the benefits of it on my brain in my life in such a profound way. I do sometimes struggle to mix it up, so I will definitely check out your suggestions on YouTube, thank you!

    I like how you set out the different meditation styles so clearly, I did not know that the other style was called open monitoring so that is good to know.

    Great reminder to actually not just observe but let negative emotions go. Do you tend to replace them with something positive to reinforce the opposite? Eg a mantra for example.

    Thanks so much for the info. Lovely layout too!

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed my post.I let the negative thoughts go for the most part, but when negative thoughts creep in, like when you’re just living your life, and they just seem to come from nowhere, I counteract with positive thoughts. It takes patience and practice and awareness to realize those thoughts are not even our own, some say it is our ego.I just know that if you focus on the negative, that is what you will attract.It is pretty amazing and this has really changed my life, so I wanted to share:) Thank you so much for your kind words, and everyone I meet I send positive energy their way.:)

  6. I’ve always had an interest in meditation and I’m glad there’s really no right or wrong way to do this as long as you’re allowing your body to relax in a proper manner. I also never knew that you can meditate lying down, which would definitely interest me as I’m more relaxed lying supine than I would be sitting up straight. I’ve always been that way, so I can say I learned something here.

    1. Awesome I am glad I could help! It all about relaxing your body and mind and whatever works for you. It just takes practice and patience it is great for the mind also. Thanks for the comment I appreciate it! Positive thoughts sent your way:)

  7. Great post. I enjoyed reading it. I’ve tried meditation quite a few times in my life. My constant thoughts always got in the way. I like your idea of using the subliminal guided meditation. I’m seriously thinking about giving that a try. I deal with a lot of stress and have been looking for a way to manage it. Thank you for sharing this. I believe it will be helpful for me. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading I am glad you enjoyed! Yes our thoughts get in the way, but with practice you will start to see the benefits especially if you’re stressed. You can do it at night before bed and this will help you unwind and wake up feeling positive! It took me awhile to get it to where I needed to be,but now I do not miss a day meditating! Sending positive thoughts your way!!:)

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