do it works products really work customer review

Do It Works Products Really Work? Customer Review

do it works products really work customer reviewIf you’re like me, you may not have heard of the health and beauty company It Works! before. I was online one day and a friend of mine on Facebook hit me up to tell me about this health and beauty company she’s been a part of. At first, I was thinking ” OK, another company like Avon or something, or maybe some kind of Multi Level Marketing gimmick”. I politely agreed to go check out the site.

They have products such as health supplements, beauty wraps, and exfoliators ( plus more), and the prices weren’t too bad. I researched the ingredients further and decided I would try out one of their products, which I will get into a bit later. I then wanted to know how long they’ve been around, how they got started, and if it was worth it to become a VIP monthly member where you receive a product of your choosing monthly at a discounted rate. Let me tell you what I found out and how my experience has been these last 4 months. Do It Works products really work?

What Is It Works!

Here’s the story of It Works! One of the owners Mark Pentecost, explains that his desire to help others while wanting to be able to work for himself, is the basis of how this company started. It Works! is a beauty and nutrition company in the direct sales industry. It Works! was founded in 2001, which has a single mission, to help anyone they can to change their lives, both physically and financially. Mark Pentecost, the owner and CEO, describes the business as a company “that empowers people to live the life of their dreams.” Their mission, in this now family business, has been to be able to live peacefully and debt free while helping others. This is truly a family business with not only Mark and his wife Cindy, but their son and daughter doing it as well.

Kami Pentecost has been awarded the top rank of Black Diamond within the It Works! platform and found her true passion of coaching and teaching the sales force. Kindsey, the middle child heads up the international team and founded the It Works! Gives Back Foundation which gives back all over the world. Now at the International Office, Kindsey uses her passion for product development to help lead the company’s product production and stay on top of industry trends, ensuring It Works! continues to be the best of the best.

Their son Kyler started out on the corporate team then soon transitioned into the field becoming the first single man to acheive the highest rank on the sales force where he continues as a top leader in the field while consulting with the corporate team.

The dedication this whole family has for It Works! is what makes it such a life changing choice for families involved all over the world. From unexpected product shortages and receiving industry awards, to overcoming serious health issues and checking items off their Dream Boards, the Pentecosts and It Works! are a true testament that anything is possible.

A Direct Sales Company

It Works! is a direct sales company, which is basically a business you don’t need experience to join, you can work from home, part-time or full time. It all depends on how much you put into it. Direct sales business model is where independent representatives or contractors sell a company’s services or products directly to consumers. This can be done from the internet, door to door, or parties in the home. There is no fixed retail location.

MLM can be explained almost the same way, but multi level marketers also make money by recruiting others to work for the company. If you work MLM, you would get paid for a sale that you make, plus the sales of those you recruit and on down thus the term “multi level”. Working for a direct sales company has the advantage of a whole extra income. Some MLM companies have turned out to be pyramid schemes which is why they get a bad rap. It Works! is a direct sales company and with about 18 years in the business, I decided to trust what they were selling and try out the products.

do it works products really work customer review


Products Review

After checking out the company and their products, I decided to try them out through Dixie, my friend and independent representative. They have an array of health and beauty products, I had a hard time choosing which to try first. They have solutions for anti aging, energy support, keto support, daily skin care and more. I became a VIP member so I could save on my order and decided if I liked the product, I would continue as a monthly VIP, which comes with many savings and perks.

I ordered the Chocolate Greens, which is a powder loaded with nutrients and anti oxidants its low carb and low calorie. You mix 2 scoops in 8 ounces of water or can mix it into a smoothie. I was already drinking the Garden of Eden Raw Meal chocolate mix, so I kind of knew what to expect as far as flavor. The price for the 6.35 ounce tub was about $34 plus shipping. I used it for 2 months, and have to say it tastes great and definitely gave me an energy boost. High nutritional value.

They discontinued the tub of Chocolate Greens, but they still have it in small travel packets. For my 3rd and 4th month, I decided to try the Exfoliating Serum, the smell is amazing, and unlike other exfoliating peels I’ve tried, it didn’t burn my skin and it’s gentle enough to use twice a week. Comes in 1fl ounce container, nice frosted glass with a push button applicator to distribute the gel. It has little beads in there that gently exfoliate the skin when you apply it, then you leave it on for about 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water. It gives my skin a nice glow, and smoothed out my complexion. It came to about $45 for that and a little goes a long way, so I still have a lot left.

My next order is going to be the It Works! Radiant Hydrating Serum, the VIP price on that is $39. The reason I am still a VIP member is not only for the almost 50% discount on products but because for me, It Works! products are made with excellent ingredients and they really work! There is so much to choose from, and each month you can order something different. If you remain a VIP for 3 months you can cancel without a fee. Also, you don’t need to be a VIP to order any products, just keep in mind you’ll be paying full price for your items. Honestly, I was nervous about joining, but after trying out the products for 2 months and seeing how many others they offer, I choose to remain a VIP so I can try out a new product every month with the discount.

I am so glad I found It Works! and just wanted to share with those of you out there that may not have heard of it before and if you’re looking for quality anti aging ,beauty ,and nutritional products, you should give this company a try. Here is a link to Dixies page, if you want to place an order with her or have questions, she can help you out. Also just wanted to let you know I do not work as a representative for It Works! nor do I receive any compensation for this review. I simply wanted to share my experience with this company. Have you heard of It Works! before? Do you know anyone who uses their products? Please dont hesitate to leave any comments or questions below! Thanks!

do it works products really work customer review

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  1. Hi Karl

    Really nice pages. Coming to the site came a really warm and welcoming feeling. 🙂

    Your latest article was interesting. The products are not familiar to me, but aroused interest.

    You had covered the products very comprehensively and created a trusting atmosphere and well told about the company that sells the products.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading and for your nice comment. I know not many may have heard of this company and their products are really great. Glad I can share this with people! Have a great day!

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