best teeth whitening kit sensitive teeth pain free whitening

Best Teeth Whitening Kit Sensitive Teeth – Pain Free Whitening

As we age our teeth may not look as white, no matter how well we take care of them and see our dentist. It isn’t only our skin and body we have to manage, but our teeth is one of the first things someone will see. I think white teeth help us to look and […]

did you find a lump in your breast? here's what to do

Did You Find A Lump In Your Breast? Here’s What To Do

October has come to an end, since 1985 October has served as breast cancer awareness month, but just because its now November, doesn’t mean we can just forget about the importance of checking our breasts monthly for lumps, and getting a mammogram yearly. According to the Center For Disease Control, ( CDC), breast cancer is […]

Things you need to know about arthritis and thyroid disease

Things You Need To Know About Arthritis And Thyroid Disease

As we age, there are many issues we have to deal with as our body changes. Changes in our skin, hormonal changes, changes in our bones, muscles. We are starting to have issues younger and younger that we heard our grandparents complain about. After I had my daughter, at 31 years old, I started feeling […]

IV nutrient infusion therapy latest anti aging trend

IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy – Latest Anti Aging Trend

Most of us know that having a skin care regimen consisting of the correct topical care and nutrition along with hydration is so important when it comes to anti aging. There is a new trend, that I believe, will be the key to getting fresh glowing skin from the inside out, almost instantly. IV Nutrient […]

iridology for health can our eyes diagnose illness

Iridology For Health – Can Our Eyes Diagnose Illness?

The human eye is amazing. It functions much like a digital camera. Light enters the eye through the thin covering called the cornea which acts like a camera lens. The iris controls how much light reaches the back of the eye, by automatically adjusting the size of the pupil. The crystalline lens sits just behind […]