c60 for anti aging most powerful antioxidant

C60 For Anti Aging – Most Powerful Antioxidant

c60 for anti aging most powerful antioxidantI’m sure most of you know the importance of antioxidants when it comes to our bodies and aging. We get these from our diets and through supplements to our diet. Antioxidants are specific compounds that inhibit oxidation, which is when you leave an apple out that was cut open and it starts to turn brown, well that is what can happen to the cells in our bodies.

Antioxidants defend against this which can happen to our bodies throughout the day due to environmental pollution, the foods and chemicals our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis as well as harmful UV rays from the sun.

I have been researching an amazing antioxidant called Carbon-60, (C60) which has been shown to be one of the most powerful antioxidant backed by research. Let’s get into it.

What Is C60?

Carbon C60 is a small molecule made up of 60 carbon molecules that are arranged in a sphere. It is also known as fullerene-60, buckminsterfullerene, or buckyball. Buckyballs are part of the fullerene family of carbon structures which can also include other shapes like tubes and ellipsoids. Fullerenes can range from 20 carbon atoms up to more than 100 and researchers are excited about their possible applications in technology and industry.

C60 has been found to have practical use in everything from electronics to rocket fuel and are used in creating amazingly strong materials. The most profound use has been in the anti aging and health fields. There is still some confusion out there in regard to its health benefits so let’s look at research first.

C60 was discovered in 1985 and it gets its official name Buckminsterfullerene from a mathematician named Buckminster Fuller who designed structures similar to this compound. C60 is arranged into a unique shape which can be thought of as a carbon cage, and it resembles a soccer ball made up of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons.

This shape it what gives C60 its amazing properties which includes being resistant to breakage, radiation, and chemical corrosion. Certain substances, such as metals, can be placed inside the vacuum interior of buckyballs which makes them sort of superconductor nano-transporter.

They are so small they move perfectly through our cell membranes and reacts with other substances to enhance its action. One study done in 2014 in orthopedic research shows its amazing ability to act as a free radical sponge acting as a strong antioxidant almost 100 times stronger than typical antioxidants.

A study done in 2010 for C60 in anti wrinkle creams, shows 23 Japanese women in a double-blind study, applied an anti wrinkle solution comprised of olive oil and C60 applied to half of their face, showed significant improvement to wrinkles compared to the placebo group.

C60 In Anti Aging

C60 acts as a free radical sponge and a study done in 2017 on fullerenes as anti aging antioxidants has shown that Carbon 60 has antiviral, anti cancer, and antioxidant properties to name a few. The anti aging benefits of C60 works because its able to bind with electrons and neutralizing free radicals that are being continuously produced in our bodies on a daily basis.

C60 helps protect the bodies proteins, lipids and DNA from oxidative stress. We see the damaging oxidative stress as we age, showing up as wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration and dry saggy skin. C60 is such a powerful antioxidant to fight against these signs of aging.

Not only can oxidative stress show up in our skin, but most diseases such as cardiovascular, osteoarthritis, and even cancer can be caused by oxidation. This is why antioxidants are crucial in the fight against aging in our whole body. C60 has the ability to oppose the destruction of collagen fibers in the skin, when we lose collagen our skin looks dull and saggy and just tired. There are already cosmetic products, such as creams and serums on the market that contain C60, such as this found on Amazon.

Benefits Of C60

Now that we have an idea of how C60 works, I wanted to go over the potential benefits of this amazing molecule:

  • Soaks up free radicals – This amazing molecule has been scientifically proven to mop up any free radicals it encounters. Data has revealed this molecule has the capacity to act as an antioxidant 100x higher than other antioxidants. C60 binds to free radicals and can accumulate dozens at a time removing them from your body.
  • Increase longevity – The most famous study concerning C60 is the Baati study that showed this molecule is non-toxic and increased the life span of rats by a whopping 90%. It supports and protects the mitochondrial and cellular membranes which are important in the life span of our cells and our bodies. There are several studies out there showing C60s anti aging potential and these findings fall in line with many people reporting the use of C60 making them feel energetic and younger.
  • Promotes flexibility in our joints – More research is needed but in preliminary reports C60 has shown to promote flexibility and less stiffness in our joints. C60s antioxidant and immune supportive properties suggest our bodies and joints can age gracefully.
  • Brain health – In a healthy individual, the neurons in our brain are always being replaced after they die, but too many neurons dying is shown to be the cause of lack of concentration, memory loss and shorter memory span and just a negative impact on the brain in general. C60 may be able to repair brain function by promoting and maintaining healthy neuron growth.
  • Immune support – Water soluble C60 has been shown in animal studies to not only protect cells from free radical damage, but can also stimulate the immune system. These can enhance the bodies white blood cells by supporting the way the immune system works. Preliminary studies reveal that this powerful antioxidant may regulate immune system function helping to maintain and keep it working efficiently. More research needs to be done to see exactly how this would work in humans but its very promising.
  • Weight maintenance – C60 has not been studied as a weight loss supplement, but there have been several studies showing that this molecule may help you maintain the weight you already have. In mouse and human cells studies, both the fat soluble and water-soluble versions of C60 have shown that it may help keep regular cells from turning into fat cells.
  • Promote skin care – C60 has been studied in skin care applications and has shown its potential for protecting against harmful UV rays. In mouse trials it was shown when used on the skin topically to promote the skin barrier. When our skin barrier isn’t properly functioning, microorganisms and dirt can penetrate the skin making it look dull and can cause acne. Science has shown that C60 helps keep the skin hydrated and its amazing for wound healing leading to less scar formation.

Top C60 Supplements

As research into this molecule increases, so do the products they have out now for anti aging and overall health. C60 comes in powder form from certain labs for sale online, and they have C60 in carrier oils as a supplement such as olive oil and coconut oil.

 Keep in mind these products haven’t been approved by the FDA yet, so before taking any new supplement please talk to your doctor first and do your research. You will also see an increase in skin care products containing C60. Here are the top companies for C60:

  • C60 Purple Power – C60 Purple Power was founded in Colorado and they have high reviews. They also have a high reputation for quality. The only thing that their customers have a bit of a problem with is the pricing is a bit high, but as with anything you get what you pay for. Top notch purity with this company as well as customer service. You can find this on their website as well as Amazon. Comes in olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.
  • Heavenly C60 – This company is a smaller company in the C60 business, but their oils get top marks for consistency and purity as well as quality without the huge price tag. Excellent reviews as well. Heavenly C60 can be found here on Amazon as well as their website. Comes in many oil flavors.
  • C60 Labs – This company is a newer company so there isn’t much transparency out there just yet. Pricing is middle of the road when it comes to C60 and their quality is about 89%. They have a variety of products to choose from with attractive packaging and it isn’t available in 99.9% purity, I would do more research on them first since there isn’t much info out there about them yet. I couldn’t find them on Amazon, but here I linked their website.


C60 is becoming a popular anti aging and antioxidant safe for all people of all ages. There is research ongoing and new information coming out periodically, so I will make sure to update this article with anything new. For now, we can see that it has amazing potential to help total body health and keep us feeling and looking our best.

 Always be sure to speak to your doctor before starting any new diet or product. It is shown to be non-toxic and safe. I have seen other people have made their own by ordering a powder form, I don’t suggest doing that unless you know everything about the place your ordering from.

 Personally, I would start with the formulations already made. You can also find many face creams and lotions that incorporate C60, check them out on Amazon. I have a feeling were going to be seeing a lot more C60 products coming out. Have you heard of C60? Have you tried it? I would love to hear your thoughts or questions so please don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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10 thoughts on “C60 For Anti Aging – Most Powerful Antioxidant

  1. Thank you this is a great article about a supplement I didn’t even know existed. Very detailed and informative. I like that you compare the products and pricing for me to help me decide which to buy. I look forward to more info from your blog!

    1. Hi thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I know not many have heard about this amazing molecule, and especially when it comes to aging. I think this is a great discovery and could help many people of all ages. So glad you found this helpful!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow, wow, wow- I need to remember this. I am always on the look out for how I can improve the ageing process. Thank you for explaining about antioxidants. You hear the word so often and you know they’re ‘healthy’ but I never really knew before what they do.

    Now I shall place a much higher priority on them. And opt for the c60 of course. What would you say is best, in order to get the full benefits- applying it to your skin or trying to find it in supplement form?

    1. Hi thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I would say taking it supplement form will help you from the inside out, then when you start to see results see if you have a change in your complexion, then if you do it will not hurt also try it topically! Thanks I am glad you found this post helpful! Thanks for stopping through!

  3. Thanks a lot for the thorough review with the explanation you got on your website. Honestly, I am quite interested in health but wasn’t really aware of C60.
    Thank you for making me aware and pointing out all the health benefits adding this to your diet.

    How long will you have to use this product before noticing the benefits?
    I am definitely interested to try it out as I get a bit older and I am interested to see what benefits it can offer me.
    Thanks again for this great post,

    1. Hi thanks so much for reading and commenting! C60 is not that well known yet so I just had to spread the word! You will start to reap the benefits in about a few months if you take it consistently and you take the correct amount. There does not seem to be a standard dose yet, but the more you weigh and if you are a male or female is what sets the dose. More for men who weigh more. Thanks again for stopping by!

  4. I consider myself fairly educated on vitamins, minerals and supplements but I have to admit I had never head about c60! So let me get this straight, it’s an artificial carbon molecule, not a naturally occurring one? I honestly haven’t even thought about synthetic antioxidants even existing. That does give the concern for unexpected side effects but it seems to be fairly well researched. I know synthetic is not always worse than natural even though I’m a proponent of natural sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

    1. Hi thanks so much for your comment! Actually carbon-60 is a naturally occurring molecule even though it wasn’t discovered until 1985. It’s a member of the carbon family and is a naturally occurring antioxidant. I was totally surprised by this too, and there is so much research out there and still more studies being conducted that I am sure we will be hearing more soon. It’s also non-toxic and organic as long as you use a kind that is in an organic carrier oil such as olive oil and coconut oil. So far it has shown definite promise in a lot of different ailments it is like a free radical sponge. I will for sure update this as more info comes out, I appreciate you taking the time to comment and thanks for stopping by!

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