Best Tri Fold Makeup Mirrors In 2022

I used to do my makeup in the bathroom and since it’s pretty small in there,as far as storage goes,I had to haul all my products back and forth every time I did my makeup. The lighting in the bedroom was terrible as I usually do my makeup before the sun comes up. 

I thought about buying a makeup mirror with a light on it, and that changed the game. Not only does it have better lighting than my bathroom and bedroom, I don’t have to go back and forth anymore. Here’s my review of the best tri fold makeup mirrors in 2022.

Tri Fold Portable Makeup Mirrors W / Lights

There are many to choose from, so I am going to narrow it down a bit.

  • Easehold Vanity Makeup Mirroreasehold mirror This table-top makeup mirror is lighted with 60 Led. It also has magnification up 10x and it’s tri fold. This mirror has great reviews and the price is great. It has a stabilized structured stand so it’s easy to move around. You can easily adjust the brightness to fit your needs without a glare and the lighting is soft and natural.

You can move it 90 degrees for up and down and 180 degrees for left and right rotation, lighting your beauty from the perfect angle. This mirror is great because it’s 20% bigger than other makeup mirrors, plus has magnification options on the side perfect for eye makeup application.

With 4 sides of magnification, you can apply your makeup on the delicate hard to see areas. This one is powered by USB or AAA batteries, it’s sturdy enough to have on your desk or vanity, yet fold able and lightweight for travel. This comes with a life-time warranty. Check it out here on Amazon.

  • Jerdon Tri Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror 5x Magnification jerdon mirror– This makeup mirror has glare free fluorescent lighting and four adjustable settings for day, night, home, and office environments. It folds flat and is easy for travel. This one also has a built in electrical outlet. The magnification options are 1x or 5x. It has great reviews and the price is affordable. It is 12 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide. Check it out here on Amazon.

Large Tri Fold Vanity Mirror

Here I go over some large tri fold makeup mirrors.

  • Luxfurni Vanity Tri Fold Lighted Makeup Miiror- luxfurni mirror This larger makeup mirror sits on top of a vanity or desk. It has a tri fold design so you can see yourself from all angles. It folds up easily to keep it clean and dust free. It also has 10 adjustable bulb light that you can dim. This has a smart touch sensor that also turns off automatically after 15 minutes.

Its powered up by USB socket or power bank. Long life span LED bulbs with more than 80,000 hours. Avoid trouble of replacing bulbs frequently It has 4 and half star reviews and the price is a bit more than the portable mirrors above due to it’s larger size. Check it out here on Amazon.

  • Beautify Large Makeup Mirror- beautify mirrorThis mirror does not light up but it’s a large design tri fold makeup mirror you can put on a vanity or desk. Its tri fold with a hinged design you can close when not using to keep clean. There isn’t a magnification mirror on this one and the price is a bit less than the larger one above. It has 4.5 star reviews. Check it out here on Amazon.


Whether you’re looking for a small lighted makeup mirror or a larger one the ones linked above are the best Ive found on Amazon. I hope you found this article useful. As always please leave comments or questions below.

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