best hair care for gray hair anti aging for your hair

Best Hair Care For Gray Hair-Anti Aging For Your Hair

As we age we may notice a change in our skin, but what about our hair? Aging hair is dry, may be thinner, brittle, and has lost its sheen, resulting in a dull appearance. There are ways to combat this. There are products that you can use daily, some you can use weekly, and there are ways to make your aging hair soft and shiny again.

We want to start with our scalp after all this is where our hair starts. A healthy scalp is an important first step. When I did my research on these products, to my surprise, I found so many products, so I narrowed it down for you, based on many reviews. Take a look at the best hair care for gray hair: ( Links lead to products on Amazon)

Daily Products


Weekly Products

Final Thoughts

Caring for our aging hair starts on the inside. Our oil glands shrink when we age, so we need to put that moisture back into our hair and skin. Eating right and getting plenty of hydration is a given, as is staying well rested. Taking vitamin supplements is also important.

Vitamins E, B3, Biotin, and Vitamin C are the most important ones for the growth cycle of our hair. I take a hair, skin, and nail supplement which includes all the essentials in one or two daily doses so that is easier. Getting your spit ends trimmed about once a month or every two months will keep your hair cut looking fresh.

Avoid bleaching your hair and if you do bleach or dye your hair, make sure you use a color safe shampoo and conditioner. Using a conditioning mask weekly and rinsing with cool water every time you rinse won’t strip the oils you do have naturally. It is best to air dry your hair, as heating tools dry it out. If you have to use a styling tool, be sure to use a heat protectant spray or lotion.  Like I always say, when you look good, you feel good. I hope you found this information useful as always please leave comments or questions below.

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