7 tips on how to apply makeup to look younger easy

7 Tips On How To Apply Makeup To Look Younger- Easy

7 tips on how to apply makeup to look younger - easyYou don’t have to be a makeup artist to learn how to apply makeup. Makeup is a billion dollar business for a reason, it helps us to look our best and hide our flaws. Some makeup actually has ingredients to help repair our skin. I started using makeup when I was 14 years old, back in the 80s. I have learned a lot since then and I want to share with you what I have learned and 7 tips on how to apply makeup to look younger. Its super easy, not as hard as you think.


You always want to start off with a freshly cleansed face. I always apply a serum after washing my face, and then use a moisturizer. A good moisturizer will hydrate your skin and help it to look more smooth and plumped compared to dry skin. This will also help your makeup to last longer throughout the day. Try to choose one that is best for your skin type, you don’t want it to look too greasy. Like a dry sponge that shows all the little imperfections, our skin is essentially the same. A damp sponge looks smoother than a dry one. If you don’t know your skin type, my article here can help you figure it out.


I didn’t start using a primer before my foundation until I was in my late 40s. It is a small step that makes all the difference. To look younger, you’re going to want to use a pore minimizing primer, or any sort of smoothing primer to help smooth out large pores, fine lines, acne scars and discoloration. If you have a dry skin type, look for a hydrating primer. There are many to choose from so try to find one that will go along with your type of skin.Whether you’re going for a matte look or a more plump look, I found some good brands here on Amazon if you would like to check them out.


Foundation is like the canvas to the rest of your makeup. The right foundation makes a world of difference in how your skin will look. A cream foundation is the best way to go for younger looking skin. Using a cream will give your skin a subtle glow which mimics youthful, healthy skin. As we age our skin becomes dry. Creams aren’t overly dewy, overly dewy skin can actually emphasize wrinkles and fine lines, while an overly matte foundation can make the skin look dull, dry and overall older. Here are a few excellent cream foundations to try, check them out on Amazon as well.

Create An Illusion

You can make your skin look fuller using a fine brush and a lighter colored cream foundation. Apply this in the area between your brows in the area that has two lines from years of crinkling your brows together and the areas such as the nasolabial folds from smiling a lot. Those areas tend to lose collagen and therefore leaves your face with a sunken look. The lighter shade can actually pull it forward and make them look less deep. You can also apply it under your eyes to make the area look fuller.


You want to use a cream blush. As we age our skin may not look as flush. Cream mimics natural skin and a tip I found was to apply a small bit of cream blush and a tiny bit of cream foundation over it to mimic a natural flush since that color is naturally underneath our skin. Don’t use a color that is too dark either, you want it to look natural.

Lip Color

Avoid dark lip color. As we age our lips become thinner and the top lip drops and there is more space between the upper lip and our nose. I slightly over line the top lip a bit to give the illusion of a lifted lip. Using a semi matte or glossy product is the best way to go. Thick glossy products on the lips help to make them look more plump and blur the look of fine lines on the lips. Totally matte colors that we see everywhere these days can actually make fine lines look more pronounced, so for anti aging, stick to the semi matte and glossy lip colors.

False Lashes

Another thing I noticed is my lashes used to be so long and now they’re sparse. As we age our eyes sink further into the skull and can look smaller. Falsies or just mascara tend to open the eye a bit and can help make them look larger.

Final Thoughts

With the right type of makeup for your skin and the correct application for your age, makeup is a great tool to help you look younger and in turn feel better. When I first started using makeup and then for years, I thought more was better, when actually less is more. I hope you found these tips helpful and would love to hear your thoughts. Are there any tips you have that I haven’t listed? Thanks for reading my tips on how to apply makeup to look younger.

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