sugar and arthritis little known facts

Sugar And Arthritis – Little Known Facts

By now, we know how terrible sugar is for your health and the aging process. Too much sugar affects your skin, your weight, and overall health. This includes arthritis. Yes too much sugar in your diet can cause inflammation in our joints and can worsen arthritis you may already have. Thankfully, by changing our diets […]

c60 for anti aging most powerful antioxidant

C60 For Anti Aging – Most Powerful Antioxidant

I’m sure most of you know the importance of antioxidants when it comes to our bodies and aging. We get these from our diets and through supplements to our diet. Antioxidants are specific compounds that inhibit oxidation, which is when you leave an apple out that was cut open and it starts to turn brown, […]

the latest home fitness equipment for 2020

The Latest Home Fitness Equipment For 2020

It’s that time of year when people are starting their new years resolutions. If one of yours is to get fit and you don’t necessarily want to go to the gym, there are some amazing home machines that can work with your specific needs. Whether its an exercise bike, treadmill, or elliptical, I have reviewed […]