iridology for health can our eyes diagnose illness

Iridology For Health – Can Our Eyes Diagnose Illness?

The human eye is amazing. It functions much like a digital camera. Light enters the eye through the thin covering called the cornea which acts like a camera lens. The iris controls how much light reaches the back of the eye, by automatically adjusting the size of the pupil. The crystalline lens sits just behind […]

The Best Microcurrent Face Lift Machine-Amazing Anti Aging Device

Have you ever heard of a device that uses radio frequency micro currents to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and lift the appearance of your face? I just stumbled upon the MLAY Radio Frequency Face Lifting Device, and this sounds amazing. In the comfort of your own home, you can use this device when you […]

Custom Skin Care Formulations-Personalized Skin Care Just For You

Custom Skin Care Formulations-Personalized Skin Care Just For You

The latest trend in skin care and anti aging is custom skin care formulations. This is skin care personalized just for your type of skin and issues. Instead of trying multiple products until finding the right one, these new formulas promise direct results using technology such as 3D printing and ingredients to fit your personal […]