19 top tips coconut oil for beauty uses

19 Top Tips Coconut Oil For Beauty Uses

19 top tips coconut oil for beauty usesCoconut is not only a tasty fruit but the uses it has in beauty are endless. Coconuts on their own are good for your body and your health and coconut oil is affordable and you can find it pretty much anywhere and its versatile. Coconut oil is packed with important vitamins such as K, D, and E which makes it an amazing oil for your hair and skin. Here are 19 tips coconut oil for beauty uses. ( Links lead to Amazon )


Scalp Replenisher – Coconut is an amazing skin and scalp conditioner. If you have a dry scalp or dandruff, massage warm coconut oil directly into the scalp and roots, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse. You can do this twice a day if you prefer. This may also stimulate hair growth.

Anti Frizz – Warm coconut oil is known to protect against humidity and will tame frizz due to its small molecule size which penetrates the hair shaft. Warm up a small bit of the oil and smooth over hair and ends of hair, it also smells amazing!

Deep Conditioner – After you wash your hair, coat from root to tip with a thick coating of coconut oil, leave on under a shower cap and put a warmed towel over it, and then after an hour or so remove the towel or sleep in it overnight. This will transform your hair after you wash it in the morning and style it, use the anti-frizz method up above.


Moisturizer – Coconut oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. Use on your body as a moisturizer avoiding areas that are acne prone, focusing on dry spots. This will leave your skin moisturized all day long.

Homemade Body Scrub – For a natural scrub to exfoliate and smooth the skin, mix equal parts of coconut oil and brown sugar, smooth over the body then rinse. You may store the rest in a glass jar with a lid for later use.

Heal Sun Burn & Bug Bites – Mix some oat meal with equal part of coconut oil, and smooth over affected areas, this will relieve the skin and can also have antibacterial effects.

Foot Cream – For dry cracked heels and rough feel, rub coconut oil on your whole foot then slip on some socks and sleep in them. This will help soften the feet.

Cuticle Moisturizer – Rub coconut oil into your cuticles to soften them up before a manicure.

Cellulite Treatment – You can use coconut oil as a treatment for cellulite due to the fact that it has amazing detox properties which help shrink the appearance of cellulite. Rubbing the oil all over your body will hydrate and restore the top layer of skin with Omega-3 fatty acids and increase metabolism at the cellular level,reducing appearance of cellulite. You can wrap your body while its covered in oil using ace bandages or body wraps, keep it on for about an hour then rinse off, do this a few times per week until you get the results you desire.( You can check out my full article on cellulite treatments here.)


Lip Balm – Coconut oil is great in place of chap stick, just store some in a small jar to keep it with you so you can use it anytime.

Lip Scrub – Brown sugar mixed with coconut oil is also a great lip scrub as well as body scrub, so use some on your lips.

Makeup Removal – Coconut oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which makes it able to dislodge makeup and dirt particles easily, if your acne prone, you may want to cleanse your face after using or don’t use it at all. Its very comedogenic, meaning it can clog pores.

Whiten Teeth – Coconut oil can whiten teeth and get rid of bacteria in the mouth naturally. Swish a generous amount with a bit of water for about 15 minutes then rinse. You may also mix coconut oil with equal part baking soda and brush with this mixture once per day.

Other Uses

Lice Remedy – Coconut oil is also used as an all natural lice treatment. Rinse the hair first with apple cider vinegar. Once the vinegar has dried, cover entire head with softened coconut oil, then put a shower cap over it leaving it on for 24 hours. When done rinse with lukewarm water and comb the hair with a fine tooth comb paying attention to any eggs you may find and comb them out. The eggs are very tiny and off-white yellowish color. Keep an eye on the hair for a few days to make sure they’re all gone.

Lip Gloss – You can make your own colored lip gloss with a bit of an almost empty lipstick with equal amount of coconut oil and store in a small plastic container. You may also mix the oil with a bit of food coloring or a kool-aid packet.

Under eye cream – Using a dab of coconut oil can be used as an eye cream and its all natural and light enough for the skin on your face. Pat a small amount under your eyes to fight fine lines and wrinkles and to plump up the skin

Shaving Cream – Using coconut oil and Shea butter as a base for shaving cream is inexpensive and leaves your skin smooth throughout the day. Grab some Shea butter soap and grate off about a 3/4 cup of shavings. Add 1/4 cup of witch hazel and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and bring to a boil ( about 5 minutes ). When its all melted add in a 1/4 cup of aloe Vera gel and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. You may store this in a capped glass jar for future use.

Massage Oil – Warm some coconut oil and add some drops of your favorite essential oil for a soothing softening massage oil.

Stretch Mark Cream – For scars and preventing stretch marks, use warm coconut oil on targeted areas. Coconut oil won’t really fade marks, but can keep them from forming and keep scars from forming on an existing wound.

Final Thoughts

Coconut oil is all natural and smells amazing and has so many uses. Rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids its awesome for skin and hair. Have you ever heard of coconut oil for beauty uses? Are there any uses I didn’t mention? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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  1. Hi!
    I love this article, I had no idea there was so many uses for coconut oil. I am a huge advocate for taking care of yourself in every way possible and I love that you were able to share the vast uses for coconut oil. I have really thick, curly, frizzy hair and I am looking forward to trying some of your methods for dealing with that. I was also captivated by the treatment for cellulite. I never would have thought to link those two together. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for an interesting read!

    1. Hi thanks so much for commenting and reading. I was surprised too at the many uses for coconut oil in beauty. I am so glad you found it helpful! Thanks for stopping by!

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