10 surprising healing benefits of honey

10 Surprising Healing Benefits Of Honey

10 surprising healing benefits of honeyHoney is not only a tasty food substance but it has many amazing health and anti aging properties. Honey is one of the few foods to never go bad or expire, though it does thicken up and become sort of hard to work with. You can always heat it up for use, I don’t use the microwave, although you could, I just place the bottle in some hot water until it melts down a bit. I couldn’t beelieve (lol) all the health benefits, I just had to share it with my readers. Here are the 10 surprising healing benefits of honey.

Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidants are so important for our health and ant aging. Antioxidants protect our cells from damage due to oxidative stress from our diets, environment, UVB rays, and more. One important factor I learned when researching for this article is that high quality organic honey is high in antioxidants from phenolic compounds such as flavonoids which science believes gives honey its antioxidant power.

There have been studies showing that buckwheat honey increases the antioxidants in your blood. Another interesting fact about antioxidants is that they may promote eye health as well as a decreased risk of certain cancers, stroke, and heart disease.

May Improve Learning & Memory

Some studies show that honey, specifically tualang honey, can reduce oxidative stress in the brain and improving brain morphology enhancing learning in the brain.Honey  is rich in pinocembrin, an antioxidant that works to improve the healthy functioning of the brain.

Healthier Form Of Sugar

Honey is a better form of sugar for us than refined sugars. Honey actually has health benefits and some studies show that honey is a safer alternative for people with diabetes. It may also lower bad cholesterol ( LDL ), reduce inflammation and triglycerides while increasing the good cholesterol ( HDL ).

If you do have diabetes you still have to err on the side of caution with your honey intake because it does raise blood sugar levels, just not as much as refined sugar. Always speak to your doctor before a change in diet. Another thing to be cautious about is some honey sold can be ruined by added sweeteners and sugars so make sure you’re getting your honey from a trusted source.

Improves Cholesterol

High LDL cholesterol can cause fatty buildup in our arteries causing heart disease and strokes. Several studies show that honey improves cholesterol levels. It reduces the bad cholesterol and improves the good cholesterol. A study done with 55 patients compared table sugar and honey, the study showed that honey reduced the bad cholesterol and reduced weight.

Antibacterial & Antiseptic Properties

Certain types of honey are used in alternative medicine and has been for thousands of years due to its natural healing ability. Honey can be found in wound care and skin dressings and can reduce scar formation and increase healing speed. There are gels and creams containing certain types of honey and is excellent for the skin and wound healing. Honey has a unique ability to reduce inflammation, scar formation, and increase healing.

Cough Supprestant

Honey has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. One of these is to relieve symptoms of colds and flu. A spoonful of honey is a safe and natural alternative to over the counter cold and cough medicines by helping to sooth irritation and inflammation in the throat.

Reduces Stomach Issues

Due to honeys antibacterial properties, studies show that it can help relieve stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders. A spoonful of organic natural honey can be also put into a cup of dandelion or ginger tea to help your stomach.


Certain varieties of honey contain high amounts of friendly bacteria, including 4 species of bifidobacteria, and 6 species of lactobacilli. Here’s a study conducted on intestinal micro flora on mice using dietary honey if you’d like to read more.

Beauty Uses

There are many beauty products out there now containing honey due to its many benefits. The best honey for beauty use should be natural and unpasteurized honey. When looking for this kind of honey, the darker the color the better. Honey is great for soothing and moisturizing the skin as well as super hydrating. This makes it great for uses on the skin. Using honey on the skin can leave it supple and glowing. Here’s a list of some uses for honey in beauty:

  • Exfoliant – Raw honey crystallizes over time so the tiny particles act like a mild exfoliant. When they come into contact with water and the heat of your skin, it makes a mild antibacterial face scrub, that can be used daily.
  • Honey Face Mask – Honey is a natural emollient, meaning it attracts moisture reducing dry skin. Apply raw honey to the skin leaving on for up to 30 minutes then rinse with cool water.
  • Acne Treatment – Buckwheat honey is high in antioxidants and can reduce inflammation and irritation, also has antibacterial properties. Apply raw honey directly to the breakout and leave on for up to 15 minutes, then rinse. Do this twice per day and the pimples will look less noticeable and heal faster.
  • Reduce Scars – The antioxidants in honey can significantly reduce the appearance of scars and inflammation. When used on stretch marks it will fade them and reduce discoloration. Massage raw honey directly to the area in circular motions for about 3 minutes then rinse off. You can do this as much as needed.
  • Honey Bath – Taking a bath in raw honey will leave the skin smooth and soft. Make it yourself by taking 2 big tablespoons of raw honey and mixing it into hot water until its dissolved. Then soak as long as you want for a nice relaxing bath.
  • Chapped Lips – Due to the honeys natural moisturizing ability its great for chapped lips. Just rub raw honey on the lips and leave on for 2 minutes then rinse.

Sleep Aid

When you eat honey it causes a steady spike of insulin in our bodies which then convert to melatonin and serotonin, these two chemicals help you fall asleep. If you have problems staying asleep, a spoonful of honey will help you stay asleep by helping the body to store glycogen in the liver which helps you to stay asleep all night. Eat a spoonful of honey about 20 minutes before bed or you can add it to a cup of tea such as chamomile or Valerian root for a restful nights sleep.

Final Thoughts

Honey is a natural healer used for thousands of years. It’s a safe natural alternative to many medicines out there and an affordable item to have for many uses in beauty and health. Remember to buy honey that is organic and natural, not the store bought stuff in the little bear container. I will include a link to Amazon for some great options.  Do you have any uses for honey I didn’t mention? I would love to hear your thoughts so don’t hesitate to comment below.

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